What Style of Windows Are Impact Resistant?

Whether classic or contemporary, windows do much more than just beautify a home. Apart from lowering your energy costs, filtering out 99% of UV rays and reducing noise, modern windows are designed and installed to protect your home and family from adverse weather conditions such as hurricane-force winds, as well as any other unwanted force. The uses of impact-resistant windows began some two decades ago, but were somewhat limited. Nevertheless, the ever increasing demands for different types of impact windows have led to their availability in the market. Some available hurricane-resistant window designs include; fixed-pane, casement, awning, double-hung, single-hung and horizontal roller.


Windows with fixed-pane design are windows, which cannot be opened or shut. Typically, they are a pane of beautifully designed glass within a frame. Besides its efficiency in energy saving, fixed-pane windows offer a more guaranteed security as this design is mostly manufactured with impact-resistant materials.


In most cases, modern casement windows are designed in an impact-resistant way not only to offer general security, but also to protect your home from adverse weather conditions. They have window sashes attached to the frame by one or more hinges to offer stability. These hinges are usually placed on the side and can either swing outward or inward depending on your desired style.


Apart from being manufactured by sustainable Fibrex material, awning windows are made with impact-resistance in mind, as well as the provision of full side-to-side ventilation. They are usually hinged at the top and open outwards.


Double-hung windows are not only made from incredibly strong fiberglass, but are also known to beautify your home. They can be easily raised from the bottom or from the top to provide full tilt ventilation. The exceptional performance of its vinyl guarantees impact- resistance while still maintaining its durability.


This window design has a lower sash, which moves up and down with the upper sash permanently fixed in place. Besides its exceptional duties, single-hung window styles provides a great curb appeal and are mostly used as components of coastal houses.

Horizontal Roller

Perfectly suitable for coastal living, horizontal roller windows are made from maximum laminated glass to provide utmost security, safety and are perfectly designed to withstand any wind-driven debris.