Are your appliances letting you down? They could be doing just that and you may not even know it. Obviously, if your coffeemaker or refrigerator has stopped working completely, then you know something is up. However, there could be problems with your appliances that you don’t even notice because, on the surface, they seem to be working properly. Keep reading below to learn about one key sign the major appliances in your home are in need of repair.

When you buy a new appliance, you hope it will last forever, but they never do. No matter how much you spend on a quality appliance, it will stop working eventually. If you’re lucky, it will stop working completely and you’ll know without a doubt that there’s an issue. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Sometimes an appliance will seem to be working properly when it really isn’t, leading you to believe nothing is wrong.

Major appliances like air conditioners and heaters use a lot of energy which shows up in your utility bill each month. When these appliances are working properly, you should see very little change in your light bill. However, if you notice increases in your light bill each month, it could be because your air conditioner or heater is no longer working efficiently. There could be a mechanical problems going on inside that you do not notice that causes the machine to cool or heat less, which requires it to use more energy to cool at the same rate it did when it was working properly.

Sure, your home may still be cool or warm and your air conditioner or heater may seem to be working properly, but if your utility bill has increased without any other explanation, there’s a good chance one of these appliances is the cause.

Most signs you need home appliance repairs are obvious: The appliance in question will simply no longer turn on or do what it is supposed to do. It’s the less obvious signs you need to be on the lookout for. One key sign, as mentioned above, is an increase in your light bill each month. If there are no other obvious explanations for this increase, check to make sure your heavy energy using appliances are working properly. Chances are one of them is the culprit behind your increased utility bill.