Why Impact Windows are better than Hurricane Shutters

Windows play a very crucial role in your home; they provide protection to you and the whole family from severe climatic conditions. However, it is very important to be keen when shopping for replacement windows. One of the most recommended types of windows are known as impact windows. One would wonder why impact resistant windows are claimed to be best.

He or she would also argue that, just like hurricane windows, hurricane shutters offer protection to your home too and that they are cheaper as compared to hurricane proof windows. In controversy, hurricane shutters do not offer maximum protection from ultraviolet rays, high winds or wind borne objects.

Hurricane shutters are also not popular due to the fact that they are opaque and do not allow light to pass through, thus making your home dark when closed. Moreover, when hurricane shutters are not firmly fixed into the window frame or if they are not well fastened, the glass can still break during harsh conditions. Hurricane shutters can also be torn from the house when the weather is too severe.

Advantages of Impact windows

One of the outstanding characteristic of storm window is that it is shatter-proof even when the weather is severe. Unlike the hurricane shutters, storm resistant windows are not easily torn from your house and cannot be shattered even when there is a heavy storm. Hurricane resistant windows are translucent and they allow light to pass through and above all, protects you and your family from the ultraviolet rays.

In addition, impact windows also popular because they save your home from unwanted noise from outside. They minimize the noises that come from outside, thus reducing any unnecessary disturbance. They are also economical in terms of energy use, thus helping to reduce the power bills. The only shorting coming associated with hurricane widow is that it is expensive as compared to hurricane shutter but in the long run, one would realize that storm windows can help to save a lot of money.