For most people living in Miami, Florida in the early 1990’s will be hard to forget. An outbreak of hurricanes and other devastating weather systems damaged several homes in South Florida, and neighboring cities all across Miami-Dade County. The natural disaster had a devastating impact on the financial and emotional health of people. The impact of hurricanes could have been mitigated if people used hurricane resistant doors and windows. If you care about your home and the people living in it, you should consider putting impact resistant windows and doors.

How to find a good impact windows company?

If you have decided to install storm windows, your first step will be to find a good company. Finding the right company for your needs can be a daunting task. There are many companies that install low quality glass that cannot withstand harsh weather. Here are a few impact windows Miami twitter tips to help you select the right company.

Stay Local

Selecting a local company means that the permanent place of business of the company is in your town. It also means that the telephone number, business license, and the local references can be easily verified. The biggest benefit of having a local company is that you can always contact them if there is a problem with their work.

Check Yellow Pages

One of the easiest ways of finding details of a local company is by using the yellow pages. However, don’t assume that all companies listed in the yellow pages are reputed companies with a valid license. You can also get details of the company from the local Better Business Bureau. Most bureaus have details of the unsolved complaints against the company.

Get Recommendations

You can also get details of local companies from your friends, relatives, and co-workers. You could also approach your insurance company, even if they are not paying for it. Most insurance companies have a list of reputed local companies. When you use this list, you can take advantage of the review process performed on these companies by your insurance company. At times, you may also get a good discount based on the relationship between the insurance company and the hurricane replacement windows company.

Check Credentials

Checking the reputation of the company with the Better Business Bureau is not the only check you must perform. You must also get a list of references from the company you plan to hire. Make sure you contact each person to find details of the past performance of the company.

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If the company is recommended by your friends or relatives, you must ask them if they had any issues with the company. If they did have problems, find out if the problem was solved amicably.

You can also check the reviews of the company online. There are many sites that provide customer reviews for a small fee. These reviews are generally more reliable than the information you get at the Better Business Bureau.

Check License and Insurance

Once you shortlist the companies, call each company to get details of certificates of insurance and license number. All companies must have an insurance coverage and a business license to operate in the state of Florida. You can use the license number given by the contractor to find whether the company is legally in business. The certificate of insurance will ensure that the company is covered if anything goes wrong.

Get Details in Writing

When you contact the company, you must get details of the material and labor costs you have to pay. Also, find out if the company is charging any hidden fees by asking them the final amount, you have to pay. Getting quotes from multiple companies can help you save money, as it gives you a chance to compare the price charged by various companies. Make sure to include a clause which states that you must be informed of any additions or changes to what has been agreed. This clause will protect you from unexpected price increase when you settle the final balance.

If the changes requested by the company are necessary, make sure you document them on the original contract. Furthermore, ensure that it is signed by both you and the company. Make sure the original contract has all possible information regarding guarantees or warranties on the material used and the work performed. You must keep this contract in a safe place, until the warranty expires.

Don’t pay Up Front

It is not uncommon for the company to ask for money before they start the job. Paying a small amount to a reputed company should not be a problem, but don’t pay the full contract price in advance. If the company asks for full amount in advance, it is best that you avoid dealing with them.

Bottom Line

Reputed companies can be a valuable resource for homeowners who want to install impact windows Miami in their homes. They provide professional and quality results that add value and beauty to your home. By employing the tips mentioned in the article, you can ensure that you deal with a reputed professional.