What are the Benefits of Hurricane Resistant Windows?

Hurricane resistant windows may not be a topic of our daily conversations, but for those who have experienced tropical storms and hurricanes, they may perhaps confirm to you that it is surely not an experience worth taking chances on. Just from the onset, the National Weather Service shows that tornadoes have caused more than $752 million damages on properties across the United States in the last decade.

Is this a risk worth ignoring?

Many homeowners have resorted to protecting both their homes and families by creating a safer environment, thereby achieving the much-needed peace of mind. Reported cases of severe weather conditions in many parts of the country, especially in Florida makes it ideal to install storm proof windows that also offer other collateral benefits such as protection from harmful UV rays, home invasion, rising insurance fees, as well as from annoying noises.

Energy Efficiency

Besides protecting you from the potential consequences of hurricanes and tornadoes, impact windows practically provide an increased benefit of energy efficiency. Hurricane windows typically increase the amount of heat retained in your home during winter while offering a cool atmosphere during summer. This is obviously significant in reducing your home’s heating and cooling bills.

Keeping Radiant UV Rays Out

Impact resistant windows are also beneficial in protecting you and your family from potentially harmful UV rays, thereby creating comfortable, ambient temperatures in your home. This will definitely be crucial in protecting the vibrant colors of your curtains, fabrics, carpets and furniture, hence ensuring that fading as a result of UV rays is a thing of the past.

Financial Benefits via Insurance Companies

Obtaining and installing storm resistant windows comes with certain financial benefits as far as your home insurance is concerned. Having noted the primary and secondary benefits of storm windows, many insurance companies are likely to offer you significant discounts on your home insurance policies.

Clearly, the wise and sensible decision of installing hurricane proof windows in your home brings you a peace of mind that is central to proper living. Such windows provides the ultimate defense against water, winds and debris that are closely associated with hurricanes and other tropical tornadoes.